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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 4.11.22:

Good Morning and Happy Moon Day to the friends of Iris X Readings! Every week, I shuffle the cards and ask for a reading for someone who will read this post. I never know who it will be for until I post it. This week's reading was done on The Herbcrafter's Tarot.

The week begins with The Star/Cottonwood. If this is your reading, you are starting to find the enchantment in your life again. You were hurt by something, and now you are beginning to heal. You are seeing that there is magic in the little things. Your creativity is returning. You feel like things are moving in your life again; where you were stuck you are now moving forward easily.

The II of Air/Chicory comes up next showing that you have been feeling defensive, holding back, and protecting your heart. In many ways, it is a time for introspection. You may get more out of quiet time looking inside than out right now. This will help you to heal and move forward in the best way possible.

The Tower/Mushroom shows you functioning in crisis mode. You have already left the Tower because you start the week with The Star- you are already healing. But you went through a real shock to your system, and this may not move as quickly as you would like. There is new life growing from what has passed- give it a chance to grow. You have been through a lot.

The key to this week is The Fool/Dandelion. The key to this time is that it is a new beginning- a new start. You can do anything that you would like to do. You are not held to the rules that you had before. Everything disappeared when the Tower crashed and now you can do whatever you wish. Being foolish and not taking life too seriously for a while will be really good for you. You don't need a plan- in fact, you need a Lack of plan right now.

Here's what I see. You were in a situation that came crashing down around you. This is still a shock to your system, and you are just starting to be able to move forward. It's ok to take some space for yourself to be thoughtful about moving forward. Meditation and quiet times will help. But after that, your key will be to be The Fool. Go out on adventures and be silly. You don't have anything to prove to anyone now, and you can do anything that you want. It's just that right now, you are still standing in the rubble of the Tower that crashed, wondering what will grow next. Give yourself time- you are beginning to heal, and you will wake up one day and feel like you are ready for a new adventure.

If you need a reading this week, send a message to Have a great week!

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