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Classes & Workshops

January 18th-January 22nd: Join Stacy Salpietro Babb and Morten Juhl Agerfeldt for a five day introductory course on Tarot. In five days, we will race through the Tarot deck, looking at every one of the 78 cards. In typical fashion, we will keep this class upbeat and fun; keeping in mind that Tarot has it's roots in friendship and connection. The cost of this class is $50. There is no particular time to be present for class, it is meant to fit your schedule and is run in a private Facebook group. 


December 7th-December 11th: Join Shannon Herrick and Stacy Salpietro Babb for an enchanting week of Kitchen Witchcraft! In Gift Witchery, we will be focused on the crafts of the Witch, with a focus on the upcoming Winter Solstice/Yule. We plan to work with ideas and crafts that you can easily create and share. There is nothing at all like a gift created for you by a Witch that cares about you. We will look at everything from candy recipes to hand pies; to talismans for the home, spell candle making, lotion bars and much more! We will also weave in the Magic of the Season, by looking at the old custom of Wassailing, and talk about how you can weave this into your practice. This is a five day class that is taught online. There is no particular time that you have to be available, the class is created to accommodate any schedule.

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