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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 3/13/23:

This week's reading was done on the Gold Foil Tarot- a version of the Pamela Coleman Smith/Rider Waite Tarot deck. It felt like a good week for something shiny and gold. I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for someone who will see this post. Read on- see if it is for you... 

The week begins with the Queen of Swords, describing the person that this reading is for. If this is your reading, you have been through a lot. You are the Queen of air- of the mind and of challenge. You might worry at times that life experiences have made you too sharp and harsh. There are times that you hurt people with your sword by not being able to stop the words coming from your mouth. You are powerful, wise- and not to be messed with. 

The VIII of pentacles comes up next, showing you with your head down- working on your crafts and skills. You have a lot to get done, and the best way to do it is to focus on one thing at a time. You have a lot of skills and abilities that you are working with- and you are very good at your job. 

The IX of Pentacles comes up next showing that you are independent, and work best alone. You like being on your own, following your own plan. You get mildly irritated when you are interrupted because you get into a 'flow.' You are very successful in your career, and you do the best if you are left alone so that you can focus. 

The key for you is the II of Cups- a stark difference from the rest of your cards. This is the card of love and relationships. It is far more emotional than the rest of your cards, showing two people that understand more about the world and life through each other. The key for you is in a relationship- though you have been functioning mostly on your own. 

Here's what I see. The Queen of Swords was hurt in the past, and has now put her foot down. You have drawn boundaries around love and relationships; even swearing it off. You are strong, powerful, and independent- but a bit defensive. You have been throwing yourself into your work. You are very good at what you do, and work is a realm that you feel comfortable in. You are off by yourself; and have gotten pretty comfortable there. But your key is in a relationship. The Queen of Swords in you may not want to hear that. You have gotten comfortable on your own. But there is a relationship for you that would improve your life and open up an emotional side of you that you have shut down. You may even be able to put your sword down, and be comfortable in the presence of another person. You may want to consider putting yourself out there a bit! Someone is out there for you. 

Have a great week, and if you need a reading, send a message to

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Barbara Martell
Barbara Martell
13 mar 2023

Wow - fabulous read - I'm feeling this.......💖

Mi piace
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