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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 2.14.22:

Good Morning, Happy Moon day and Happy Valentine's Day! This week's reading was done on the Wayfarer Tarot, a deck co created by me and Margaret Shipman. This reading is for a person who will read this post.

This reading begins with the Knight of Earth. You are feeling like you are moving forward, but very slowly. Life and time are feeling more tedious than usual, and you are trying to stay balanced and calm. This is a card of accomplishment one step at a time, but you may feel bored and like things are moving far too slow. Still, you do what you have to do every day.

The Queen of Water appears next. On top of things feeling tedious and slow, you are feeling like your nerves are on the outside. The Moon is full this week, and that can make us all feel a bit more sensitive. This is a card of the love that we have for ourselves and the people in our lives. You feel like everything that you do is for other people, and given the first card it looks like a lot of your energy may feel like it is draining out and being given to other people. Everyone comes to the Queen of Wat er when they need to talk to someone, and this can get exhausting.

Death comes up next, showing that what is Actually happening right now is that things are going through a major change and transition in your life. You are not just being sensitive, you are changing. You will look back at this time and realize that this was the time that everything shifted- nothing will be the same. And here you thought that things were tedious and boring!

The key to this week is The Star. Things are beginning to move easily again in your life, and you are healing from something that really hurt your heart. This may play out in a lot of ways. You may be more sensitive than usual. You may feel like every day is long. But you are getting where you need to be; your heart is healing, and things are changing. It's just hard when everything feels like it takes so long.

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, your whole life is changing. But it is happening as slowly as possible (you are literally riding a tortoise to get to where you are going!) You are feeling both tired and sensitive, feeling like you are always on the verge of snapping at someone or crying. But what is really happening in your life is that things are changing. And even if it's not easy, it is what needs to happen. You are healing. It doesn't happen fast and nothing changes quickly, but you are doing what you need to do.

Take care this week! If you need a reading this week, I only have time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday- so get in touch with me fast! Send me a message at if you are interested in a reading this week.

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