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Iris X Herbal Magic Apothecary Subscription Box:

A monthly subscription box meant to help you create a magical herbal apothecary that you know how to work with.


Here's how it works-

Every month by the 15th of the month, you will receive a box with:

-Four different herbs in glass spice bottles (4-6 oz bottle size)

-Instructions on how to work with the herbs in Magic.

-Spells and Folk Magic practices with the herbs.

-Instructions on a project to do each month with the herbs.


If you get all 12 months, at the end of the year, you will have:

-60 plus herbs in labeled glass bottles

-Instructions on how to work with each herb

-At least 12 projects to create.


In other words..

- You will have your own herbal apothecary with the knowledge of how to work with it all.

-You will know how to work with the herbs in Magic, Spells, Infusions, Incenses and more).

- You will have an easy way to communicate with me to ask any questions.

My hope is that you can work with the herbs and instructions to create herbal projects, magical powders, infused oils, spells and more for the people(or business!) in your life.


Cost (Introductory rate for friends and subscribers of

Monthly Subscription: $45 a month which includes the price of shipping. (this option can be ordered every month or canceled anytime.)

Year long Subscription: A savings of 60.00 for the year. $40 per month including shipping. $480 for the year.

Herbal Apothecary Subscription- Yearly Discount

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