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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 6.20.22:

Good morning, and happy Solstice week to the friends of Iris X Readings! The Sun popped up in this reading which does not surprise me. The Sun is very strong right now; especially if you are living in the South! It is the hot time of the year; and I hope that you are getting out to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. This week's reading was done on The Wayfarer Tarot- a Tarot deck created by me and Margaret Shipman.

The week begins with a sense of loss with the V of Water/Cups. You feel heartbroken and lost. Emotionally speaking, you are feeling stuck right now. You are looking down at what has been lost, and have not yet been able to look up to see what is still there. You are sad and mourning; wishing that something had gone very differently.

On top of that, you are really overwhelmed. The VII of Fire/Wands is a card of having too many things to do. You feel like you are putting out fires and having to stay on top of things- and it is all too much. You are managing all of the pressure that you are under, but you are really exhausted. It feels like it has been one thing after another, and you don't know how to make it stop.

The week wraps up with two Major mystery cards. This is important to note because the first two cards represent the Minor mysteries or events that are happening in your life. The Major Arcana cards show what is most important and impactful. The Sun is a card of vitality and power. It is about being who you are as loud as you can. It is a card about putting yourself in the center, and finding ways to raise your power and energy. Maybe you do this by going on adventures- or you might be the kind of person that feels rejuvenated at home. In short- You Need a break!

The key to this week is The High Priestess. This is a card of stillness and silence. Seek a sense of meaning and peace this week. It is a week of power- perhaps you can go on a quest to find some message or meaning. Look for signs around you, and listen to the wind. Find some time in this chaos that you are living in to put your feet on the ground. Take deep breaths and meditate.

If this is your reading, here is what I see. You can't keep carrying the weight of the world. You are one person, and you are under far too much stress. Not only are you struggling with a broken heart, you are hurting and trying to manage a very stressful life! You need a break. Declare one- everyone needs a mental health day every now and then. Go take a walk in the woods or sit by the sea. Soak in the power of the Sun at its height. Give yourself a chance to reset and rebalance. Spend a whole day where you do not worry about other people. Sometimes, you just need to take care of yourself. The fires will be there to put out when you return. All you can do is declare that it is a time of peace- and you are taking a break. Don't let the world drag you around so much. Stand up for your own rights to freedom and peace.

If you need a reading this week, get in touch soon! The week is very busy on my end (I could stand to take my own advice- and on that note, I am off on Tuesday for the Summer Solstice!) My email address is and my website is Thank you for reading!

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