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Choose from the options or request a custom kit! 


1. Home Protection spell kit, with Oak crosses, SATOR charms, black salt and blackthorn. 

2. Sea Magic Spell- with Sea Cunning incense to work with the tides to attract and repel; and a Seaglass talisman. 

3. 3 Wishes Spell with Wishing powder and a Spell candle for Wishes (along with a favorite spell of mine!) 

4. Home purification and saining- with Hare Smoke, spell candle, Witch powder, and locally wildcrafted Herbal Smoke wand.

5. Speak to the Dead spell with Witch powder, Toad Smoke, spell candle and Bewitched balm. 

Every kit comes with a written spell to cast. You will have all that you need to cast your spell

Iris X Spell Kits

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