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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 9/11/23:

This week's reading was done on an old favorite of mine- The Wildwood Tarot. If you have never seen the deck before, it is important to know that it is its own world. The Wildwood Tarot has a lot of crossover with traditional Tarot- but if you try to put it into a box and make it function like a traditional deck, it just doesn't work. It is my most spiritual deck in many ways; and it is an ornery one! This is the deck that never wants to come with me for events- it is a particular type of person that I work with this deck on. This week, The Wildwood Tarot wanted to come out, so there is a message that someone needs to hear. I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for someone who will see this post. Read on and see if it's for you! 

The reading begins with the Nine of Arrows, known as Dedication in this deck. Traditionally a card of anxiety and worries, this is a different view. Here we see someone who is frustrated- but is trying over and over again to complete her task. This is a card of focus, dedication, and continuing on even if you feel like you are failing or missing your target. Moving forward when you feel anxious can be very hard. If this is your reading, you are trying to make something happen. And when you fail- you keep trying. 

The Knight of Bows appears next as the Fox. You feel like your movement has been like Fire. Sometimes, things seem to be going really well and you feel confident. Other times, you feel like all of your energy has left you. In terms of success, you feel like you have had a lot of starts and stops. It is making you feel worried about the inconsistent results- but still, you are moving forward. Perhaps using your cunning skills like the Fox would. 

The King of Stones as the Wolf shows you in a place of success and prosperity in the future. You find yourself up at the top of a challenging precipice. You will have worked quite hard to get to where you will be, and you will feel victorious and proud. The suit of Stones takes a lot of persistence to get through. It is the suit of work, and it's easy to give up. The wolf howls victorious at the Moon. If you keep moving forward, you will do the same. 

The key to your reading appears as two cards. The first is a messenger. The Page of Vessels as the Otter has a message for how to work with the circumstances that are around you. I pulled another card to hear the message. The card that appeared is The Wanderer; traditionally the Fool. This is a card of taking a risk. Sometimes, you have to step into the unknown, even if your plan is not formed. The success of The Wanderer always comes when he is moving through the world. It is often by stumbling, failing, trying again, and being plan-less that the Wanderer finds their way. 

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, you are getting frustrated. You are trying to make something work, and you feel like you are trying- but failing and having to try again. This is bringing up a lot of anxiety for you as you wonder if you can move forward well with such inconsistent results. But the reading changes in the middle. If you keep trying, you will succeed. The worst thing you could do right now would be to give up. You probably prefer to know the future and where your next steps will take you, but the best option is to relax and stop planning. There is an element of trust to the Wanderer; and things seem to work out. People around you may think you are foolish for trying to do something over and over that is seemingly failing, but this is your way to success. Keep doing what you are doing- things are about to turn in your favor. 

Let me know early in the week if you need a reading; my schedule has been filling up fast! Send a message to Have a great week, and if this is your reading- don't give up right before you are about to find success! 

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So on point again this for week ahead! I just had the most amazing weekend working with shamans and a lot opened up for me financially as I was in ceremony. I came back from the weekend with money coming in unexpectedly from my website and from another source. I have been working so hard to make things happen all year and nothing - it’s just now starting to pick up.

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