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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 8/15/22:

Good Morning to the friends of Iris X Readings! Every Monday, I shuffle the cards and ask for a reading for someone who will read this post. I never know who it will be for until I shuffle it. This week's reading was done on my very first Tarot deck. The Universal Waite which was gifted to me by my adopted big sister many years ago. 

The week begins with the V of Swords. If this is your reading, you have had a very difficult time with a person or a group, and you have had to walk away to keep yourself safe and sane. You left feeling defeated, but it was really you who won. You were dealing with a person that was focused on their needs alone, or a situation that was draining you. They were not willing to listen to anyone else's opinion, and couldn't see outside of themselves. You did the right thing by walking away. 

Since then, you have been feeling very guarded and like you are afraid to let anyone get too close to you. You are staying off to yourself, and keeping yourself protected. You are blocking unwanted energy, and holding onto everything you have. You are afraid to take any chances, and sometimes you feel like you are in better control of the situation when you don't let anyone get too close. 

The Ace of Pentacles rounds off the week with a new opportunity. The Aces show the ideal of each suit in the form of a chance. You can take this Pentacle, and grow with it. This may be a new work or money opportunity; or even a way to put your feet back on the ground. You may feel wary of taking this option, but it is an Ace- and you would be wise to consider it. 

The key to the week is the VII of Pentacles. You have slowed down, and you have been waiting and staying safe. You have planted seeds, and put out into the world what you want to have happen. There is not much more that you can do now, but wait. You should consider that the Ace that you are being handed right now may have something to do with the intentions and goals that you had in the past. 

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, you are feeling done with people. You had to walk away from something, and you have been off to yourself and hiding since then. You felt like you had made a mistake, when really- you did the right thing by walking away. The situation was causing you harm, and it wasn't going to get any better. You have been guarded and safe since then, and now you are about to have an opportunity handed to you. You don't have to accept it, you can choose to stay safe and protected. But you may be missing out on something that could be really good for you. Things slowed down for you, but they are about to pick back up. When things fell apart, you had things that you wanted to have happen. Now, there is something that is manifesting that you asked for. You will have the choice to stay guarded and safe; or to take the chance with a new opportunity. When it is an Ace, it is a good idea to consider it.

Have a great week! I am away all week on a Tarot residency working on the next Tarot deck and guidebook with Margaret Shipman! I will return messages when I get back next week! 

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