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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 7/3/23:

Every week, I shuffle the Tarot cards and ask for a reading for someone that will see this post. This week, I am using the Hush Tarot by Jeremy Hush. It's been a hazy, smoky, rainy and odd summer so far- and I am relating to the muted tones and darker scenes. The person that this reading is for is definitely feeling pushed into more socializing than they wish to be- but may need to look at what could go well too. 

The reading begins with the IX of Pentacles. You are feeling quiet and reclusive, happy to do your own thing. You don't want to be rushed or told what to do. You feel better lately when you are by yourself or with your pets, plants, or neighborhood birds. You are staying grounded by keeping busy and doing one thing at a time. You are accomplishing your goals and feeling prosperous and successful. But what you are Not feeling is Social. 

The III of Cups appears next, showing the other side of the situation. This is the card of true friendship, and when you get this card, you tend to have really good connections in your life. There may be a gathering or celebration of some kind that your friends want you to attend. It would be fun- a good group of people that you get along well with. 

The Ace of Cups appears next, showing that you may even meet someone new if you get out of your own bubble. The Ace of Cups is representative of a person that is an 'Ace' to you- someone that could be very good for you. Perhaps it is already someone you know- but it would be a newer relationship or something that has to grow. It's only an opportunity, and it wont stick around forever if you don't pursue it. 

The key to the week is The Devil. Now, I read this card in a few ways. First- the Devil represents the wild part of us that breaks through chains and is not held back. Perhaps life has been too heavy lately, and you have not had enough time with your people. In that case, the cards may be telling you that you should break the chains that are holding you back and keeping you at home. I can't help but also notice the imagery of the card with the mask. Sometimes, breaking the chains of the Devil means that you have to take your mask off and do what you Really want to do. There are no chains making you do Anything at all. It is actually up to you. 

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, you have been both busy and tired. You have a lot on your plate, and you are in a 'groove' when it comes to work and activity. You aren't feeling social and like you want to see people. But there are good people in your life that want to see you, and there is even a chance of a new connection with someone. While that would be good for you, there are no chains around your neck making you do anything. You are in total control of your body and self- and if you want to be social, then you should do that. But don't go out just because you feel like you Have to. You don't have to do anything at all unless you wish to. 

If you need a reading this week, send a message to, or come see me next Saturday in Keene at the Shadow Emporium for a reading! 


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