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Iris X Reading of the week/week beginning on 7/17/23:

Many years ago, my Aunt Georgene gave me a Tarot deck that she had owned for many years. It is a traditional Tarot de Marseilles, that originated somewhere between northern Italy and France in the 15th century. I love having a Tarot deck from a family member, and I have always been drawn to the old Tarot cards. I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for someone who will see this post. The person that this reading is for has a spiritual journey to take- there is a lot that is catching their attention and drawing them down a path that would be wise to walk. 

The reading begins with L'ermite (otherwise known as The Hermit). You are on a long spiritual path, holding out a lantern and lighting up one step at a time. You have come a long way since you started walking, and are quite insightful and wise in your wanderings. There is something that you are seeking- and you realize that the journey is far more important than the destination is. 

As you wander your path, an Ace of Wands appears. You have an opportunity right now that will open a lot up for you. This is often something that shows up as an idea or inspiration- it seems to come out of the sky. This opportunity will change your life and path, and is quite possibly what you have been looking for as the Hermit. 

The VIII of Coins appears next, showing a skill to build. This card suggestions repetition until you perfect something. You are getting better at your craft, but it is important to stay in practice. Perhaps the Ace being handed to you is a skill that you can work with and grow. This card suggests focusing your energy and power, and perfecting a craft. 

The key to the reading is the IX of Coins. As a IX, it is connected to the Hermit. Your key is in cooperation. Whether it is with plants, animals, or nature- you are an independent that works well within a community of your own making and understanding. You are not meant to move quickly right now, but to have the opportunity to putter about and learn something new and helpful at your own pace. There may be something new to call into your life and cooperate with. 

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, then you are likely on a spiritual quest. You have been focused on this for quite some time, and you are fiercely independent and you like doing things your way. There is an opportunity to perfect a skill or get back into practice with an Ace of Wands that comes out of nowhere. The timing seems right, and it will allow you to move in a way that works well for you as a Hermit. You are a Hermit, meant to find something new, and then repeat it until you perfect it and make it a skill of yours. The Aces are always wise to take when they appear, and it is good timing for you to move forward. 

Have a great week! If you need a reading this week, send an email to

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This was helpful for me! Thank you for these weekly readings!

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