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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 6.6.22

Good Morning to the friends of Iris X readings! This week's reading was done on The Fairy Lights Tarot. It may have a light sounding name, but it is an enchanting and complex deck. Each card is half of a painting- they all have a match. And it's not the matches that you would guess! I do these readings every week, and never know who the reading is for until I post it. Read and see if it is for you!

This week begins with a lesson. The Ace of Swords is an opportunity to learn something and to grow and evolve. It often cuts an old cycle or pattern and helps you to find a new way. The Ace of Swords usually comes from a difficult situation that you experience. There is a lot that you can do when a Sword is handed to you. You can get cut by it. You can harm someone else with it. Or you can defend yourself. What is sure is that when a Sword is given to you, you are in for a battle- and if you follow through, you will be successful.

The Magician is in the center, showing you in a place of power. You are feeling ready to move forward with your life, sword in hand. You have all that you need to make it through this time period effectively. You are full of energy and plans, and you feel ready for anything that life has to throw at you. You have all the tools that you need, and now it's time to take some action in your life to create the world that you want. As the Magician, your actions really matter here- you can do anything you wish, but be very intentional about it. This is a card of willpower and the powers of the mind. You are feeling a spark of energy and power right now- work with it.

The Hierophant wraps up the week as a card of religion and tradition. You are looking for answers and meaning right now, and probably seeking wisdom from others. You are looking into old ways and feeling curious about your spiritual path. You are in a place of being able to create new traditions in your life; your beliefs are in flux. Your whole understanding of reality may be going through a major shift. You are looking up to other people for the wisdom and answers that you think they have.

The key to the week is The Hermit. Sometimes, you really do need space to figure things out. You may be asking questions of others that you have the answers to. The Hermit understands life by exploring the world. Take a walk in the woods by yourself. Spend time listening to the wind. Your key is in your space and time to yourself. You are looking into religion with the Hierophant, and strict ways to live and understand the world. You may do better with the Hermit's philosophy, spirituality, and individual wandering ways of figuring things out and finding meaning.

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, you are in the process of understanding something. You are learning a lesson, and being handed a Sword for battle. It is time to take action in your life and to start creating the world that you want to live in. In fact, you are even able to create a whole new way of understanding the world- your values, traditions and religion may change right now. You are able to decide on things without having to worry about other people's opinions. And yet- with the Hierophant, you are looking for your answers and security in other people. Perhaps you need some time and space to yourself. Be the Hermit for a while, and follow your own path. You are the Magician being handed a Sword that is a lesson. Maybe that lesson is to learn to trust yourself and your solitude.

If you need a reading this week, send a message to I have very few openings for this particular week, so get in touch soon! Have a great week, and if this is your reading, I hope you get to go on a lot of walks alone.

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