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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 6/26/23:

Happy Summer! Every week, I shuffle the cards and ask for a reading for someone who will see this post. I never know who it is for until it is posted. This week's reading was done on the Santa Muerte Tarot- a favorite of mine. I think it's tough sometimes when a deck chooses a particular theme to keep up with it well through the 78 cards. This deck does it perfectly, and is a well loved deck of mine. This reading is for a busy person- make sure to share so that the right person finds time to see it! 

The reading begins with the Knight of Swords. If this is your reading, you feel like you have been running against the wind for a long time. You can't get a break or rest- there's always something else that needs your attention. You may be feeling irritable about this, and like you need life to finally let up. But it's one thing after another- and you are managing it. It is tiring though. 

The Star comes up next, a card of healing and inspiration. First of all- you are recovering from something, and you are just starting to feel like you have your energy and power back. You are seeking a better 'flow' in life so that you can follow some of your passions and ideas. You feel like you keep waiting for things to let up. 

The next card is Death- Santa Muerte in this deck. You are in a sacred time of change. What was before is not what is now. Things have shifted and nothing will be the same after this time. When Death appears, you can only go along for the ride, trusting in the Universe to present you with the path that you need to follow next. But first- it will break down everything in your life. Your response to this is to keep moving- stay busy. 

The key to the reading is The Chariot. You are not stuck- things are moving forward in your life. The key is to refine what you are doing so that the energy that you put out into the world effectively accomplishes your goals. You are moving and changing, managing a transition; but you are also wondering where you are and what you are doing. Your path is more focused than you think it is. 

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, your whole life is changing. You are no longer in known territory, and you have to figure out what will happen next. But first- you are in the whirlwind of Death and change. You have to go along for the ride. You may be pushing against things a bit and trying to keep yourself busy and active. It's possible that you are doing things the hard way. But this only affects you. Your goals are intact. You are moving forward with purpose even while thinking that you don't know where you are. The Chariot tells you to have more faith in your life. While everything falls apart, there are some things that are coming together. If possible, try to relax a little. Choose Less battles, take a deep breath- and go along for the ride. Given this reading, this may be tough for you to do. Either way- you are on track to accomplish your goals. 

If you need a reading this week, send a message to I have limited openings this week, so get in touch fast! 

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