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Iris X reading of the Week/Week beginning on 6/24/24:

Last week, Margaret Shipman and I went to Welcome Hill in Chesterfield for a residency to work on our next Tarot deck and book. We settled into a beautiful cabin in the most peaceful location. Margaret had an area that was perfect to create art in. The skylight over her gave her the most perfect lighting. I had an antique writer's desk to sit at with a beautiful view of the forest. We made some progress and will continue to plug away at it! This week's reading was done on The Wayfarer Tarot- our first Tarot deck together. I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for someone who will see this post. I am not sure who the reading is for, but they are in a position where the best thing they can do is to walk away. There are better opportunities. This reading is a bit shorter than usual as it's graduation weekend at my house! But I wanted to make sure that I fit the reading in! Thank you so much to the people that read this reading every week and support my small business!  

The reading begins with the V of Earth/Pentacles. If this is your reading, you have been carrying too much weight for far too long. You feel like you are stuck in a pattern that is not working for you. Every day feels challenging, every step takes so much effort. You have been exhausted for a very long time, and you don't know what to do but to keep walking forward- as hard as it may be. 

The V of Fire/Wands is next. The imagery of the card shows a forest that is on fire. It is a planned fire, meant to keep the larger trees healthy and well. When this card comes up in a reading, there is often a need for a fire purification. Sometimes, you have to make a change and burn everything down. You have been stuck in a situation that you Can get out of. 

The Ace of Earth represents a very good opportunity that is coming up. This is something which would solve the problems that you have been having. It is an opportunity in the suit of Earth, which would bring financial success. It may be hard to notice right now because you are so busy and overwhelmed. But it is worth paying close attention right now to see if the solution that you have been seeking is right in front of your eyes. 

The key this week is The Tower. Don't be afraid to do something drastic to change your life. There are times when you have to take a leap of faith and burn down all that you have worked for. You are trapped in a situation that is not good for you, and it's been like that for a long time. It is hard to jump out of a Tower, but it's not as hard as being trapped in a situation that is not working. 

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, it is time to put your foot down. You have gotten used to being in a challenging situation that doesn't allow you time to breathe. In order to stay healthy, you need to prioritize your own needs. There is an opportunity that is coming up, and you should take it. It is something that would solve the problems that you have been having. When it's time, it will be important to make a big change. Don't be afraid to destroy everything that you have worked for. It has only exhausted you- and there is a better opportunity for you. 

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