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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 6/17/24:

This week, I decided to do the Iris X reading on the Tarot Universal Dali deck. This is a Tarot deck created by Salvador Dali; and not surprisingly, it is a bit obscure. I love the colors and the overall strangeness of the deck. Weird Tarot decks are a favorite of mine. And the Queen of Cups has a drawn on moustache, just to start! I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for someone who will see this post. I never know who it is for, so if you think it is for someone that you know- please share it with them! This is a reading for a person who has justice coming their way after a very long time.


The reading begins with Justice. If this is your reading, there has been something in your life that has been very unfair. The scales have been tipped out of balance. I once had a dear friend who is a Lawyer, and she told me that 'there is no Justice in or out of the courtroom- there is only balance." What will make the scales in your life balance? What has been done cannot be fixed or taken away. But what would be a move in the right direction? How do you find Justice when you have been treated unfairly? 

Temperance appears next. You have had to stay in a place of moderation and peace. You have been tempering yourself down and not being pulled into any emotional extremes, even when you are being pushed. Temperance is a skill. To not be yanked around by the world around you is important. And in this situation, you have been doing all that you can to stay calm. To temper yourself and your reactions. You have been refusing to budge from your spot of peace- and you Definitely have someone who is trying to trip you up. Keep refusing to be pushed. 

The IX of Cups appears next, reminding you that there are really good people in your life. While you have been treated unfairly by some- you are generally satisfied with the people around you. This has kept you grounded and 'tempered' in hard times. The IX of Cups is a card of wishes. If you have made a wish or worked hard to accomplish a goal- you are very close to having your wish granted. 

The key to this reading is the VI of Wands. This is the card of victory and winning. Your hard work, perseverance and patience will be paying off. The key is to keep your eye on the fact that you will win the battle that you have been fighting. There will be reason to celebrate. The ordeal that you have been going through will reach a positive outcome. 

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, you have been battling someone or something that treated you very unfairly. It is possible that you are in the middle of a court situation or in a place where you may win or lose. You have been pushing towards Justice- any step towards repairing the harm that has been done to you. The person that you are battling has been trying to bait you and pull you to places of extremes. You have done well staying centered and refusing to let that happen. You have been remembering that you are actually quite lucky in love and people. You know that it is quality, not quantity that is important. You have made a wish, set an intention or cast a spell to help you to regain the Justice that you deserve. And it's about to work. The key to this reading is to know that you are winning. Will it heal what happened to you? It will not. That takes time. But it will be a really good step in the right direction. You have done a wonderful job at staying calm in the middle of the storm and refusing to be dragged around or made to react in an extreme way. And now- you've got this. You are going to win the battle; and then you will be able to rest and heal from that place. 

I am mostly booked up for readings this week and have my son's high school graduation to attend and parties to follow. I have a bit of time on Thursday that is not booked, and if you need a reading- please reach out today by sending a message to Have a great week, and if you think this reading is for you- I really hope it is. You deserve this. 

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