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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 6/10/24:

This week, I am reading on The Universal Folk Tarot by Anita Inverarity- an inspired, enchanted Tarot deck. It is a fairly new deck to me that I really am enjoying getting to know. I shuffled the cards, and asked for a reading for someone who will see this post. I never know who it is for until I post it. This reading is for a person who has been treated unfairly that needs to stand up for themselves and push back. Read on- see if it's for you or someone you know. Please share so that it gets to the person that needs it! 

The reading begins with the VII of Swords, labeled The Opportunist in this deck. This is a card about something or someone that is taking something from you. Very often, it is about something that happens behind your back. It may be that people are trying to take your excitement or identity. Maybe there are things that are not true being circulated around you. It may even be yourself being unkind or unfair to your own needs. There is something that is taking your time and energy- or even something more concrete like money or possessions. This will eventually fall down on the person that is doing it. 

The X of Pentacles shows up and has the title of The Family. This is a card of prosperity and success. It is about having everything that you need to be balanced and well. You have had to work quite hard to get where you are now, and it was not always easy. You are in a place of stability and peace. You have all that you need, and enough to share. You are feeling grateful that the hard work you have done has brought you to this place. Nothing has ever been handed to you, and you are proud of your hard work. 

Justice comes up next, and is a card of fairness. When she appears, the scales often have to be set back to balance. There is something happening that has been unjust, and the scales will naturally rebalance themselves. When Justice appears, the question is- What will make it all ok? When something is taken from you or you are treated in a way that is unfair, what is the counterbalance to that? How do the scales reset back to their place of balance?

The key to this reading is the Nine of Wands, labeled The Ascendant in this deck. There are times that the answer is to stand up and push back. You are defending a lot right now, and you don't want to let anyone cross your line. While it was your plan to stay calm and grounded, this has resulted in you getting hurt. Now, the key is to fight back. To stare back at what has harmed you and dare it to try again. This is a card about not being passive. You have already been hurt, and now you have to rise up over that. 

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, the cards are alerting you to something going on behind your back. It may be that things are being taken from you. It could be that people are spreading untruths about you. There are times when people try to steal everything from identity to energy to ideas. You have worked very hard to get where you are. You are in a prosperous and successful place right now, and you had to fight to get there. Justice is about to take over, and things are going to balance back out. There is a cost to everything, and the person trying to take from you is about to find that out. For you- it is time to speak up and say what has happened. While you were busy building up your life, there has been someone that has been trying to tear it all down. It's time to push back and turn your focus onto the person or situation that has been taking what you have spent a lot of time, effort and work to build up. Do not put up with it for one more moment. Draw the line in the sand with fire and let them cross it at their own risk. The scales rebalance and all costs are eventually paid- positive and negative. Stay in the center, happy with your family and hard earned prosperity. And don't let anyone ever take that away. 

I am away at a residency all week, working to create a new Tarot deck and guidebook. If you are interested in a reading the following week, I have limited openings, so reach out soon! Send a message to Thank you for reading and sharing! And remember to subscribe (for free, of course!) to my website: Have a great week!

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