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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 5/8/23:

This week's reading was done on The Brady Tarot that was created by Emi Brady. It is a wonderful deck focusing primarily on animals, birds, and nature. As we move deeper into Spring, we are seeing a lot of animals in Vermont. The migratory birds are returning from their long travels, the rain has finally ceased, and there are flowers popping up everywhere. Happy Spring to all! I shuffled this deck of nature and asked for a reading for someone who needs it that will see this post. I don't know who it is for, but please be kind to yourself. It looks like it's been a Long winter. Read on, see if the reading is for you or for someone you know.

The reading begins with the 10 of Feathers/Wands. The key word on this card is Burden, and it's true. If this is your reading, things have been hard for a while. You have been in a challenging situation. But I have always known this as the card of "Burden Well Managed". You are probably exhausted, feeling like you have had to pull together so many parts and pieces to make everything work. You have felt scattered, but you are managing everything with more grace than you think.

The 4 of Vessels/Cups comes up next. On this card is written the word Apathy. You are feeling like you just don't want to do anything. Everything feels tiring, and you don't want to accept invitations from friends. You are exhausted and down; and then feeling bad that you feel that way. You want to rest and stay inside and be quiet and alone. And you feel guilty about this, because it's not how you usually are.

The Star comes next showing healing at the end of an ordeal. This is the first Major arcana card in the reading, and shows that while you are feeling like you have been put through the ringer- this is actually a time of healing for you. You may not feel it yet, it takes a while when we start to thaw out from a long freeze. You froze up when something hard happened, and you had to just keep going because life was not letting up. Now, you are starting to warm up and come back to life. Give yourself time. Do things that inspire you and bring out your creative side.

The key to the week is The Hanged One. There are times when we are meant to slow down. You are in a liminal/in between space right now. You are recovering and pulling in your power. With this card, the key right now is to let yourself rest. Sink into this time of suspension and see what insights you gain while inverted. Seeing your situation from an upside down perspective might help right now. The cards are suggesting that this is a powerful time for you; even if you are feeling exhausted and upset.

Here's what I see. This one is very clear. If this is your reading, you have been battling something for a long time. You feel like everything in your world scattered to the winds and you had to find all the pieces. You have been pulling everything together, and making it all work out. But it's taken a toll on you. In your social life, you are feeling antisocial. You are down and tired, but- look at what you have been through! Stop being your own worst enemy, and give yourself a break. This is a time of healing and building up your power. It's ok if you want some space right now. Follow your instincts on this. The most important thing to do right now is to heal yourself and to see things from a different perspective. Take a break and stop beating yourself up over not wanting to engage with the world as you recover.

Have a wonderful week! If you need a more in depth reading, send a message to I have room in my schedule this week and am happy to help in any way I can.

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1 Comment

Annamarie Cwikla
Annamarie Cwikla
May 08, 2023

WOW!!!! This is me this week....I just had a reading on 5/5 and to be honest, this is exactly what was read to me.

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