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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 5.1.23

This week's reading was done on The Herbcrafter's Tarot; a gorgeous deck of herbal images. It's one of my favorites, with very thoughtful connections between the plants and the cards. This reading seems to be focused on someone that feels like they are not moving forward fast enough. I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for someone who will read this post. Read on and see if it is a reading for you or someone you know. 

The reading begins with the Ace of Air, which is Yarrow in this deck. Yarrow grows in the most challenging circumstances, and is already appearing in Vermont. It is a plant that pushes through challenges and finds its way regardless of hard circumstances. The Ace of Air is an opportunity- one that will bring you to a place of victory and success. But it is not easy, and you have to battle your way to a place of victory and completion. You have a path to follow that may be hard- but will be worth it. 

The Hanged One appears next, and is illustrated with Burdock. The root of Burdock is a powerful one to work with, and is a hardy root that has to be harvested at just the right time. If this is your reading, you feel like you have been stuck or frozen in place. You have taken the opportunity, but have felt like everything is moving very slow. This is a card of gaining wisdom in times of suspension, but it is nerve wracking to not be moving forward as quickly as you would like. There is timing to consider here- let things unfold as they are meant to. 

The VI of Fire is illustrated with bright and colorful Nasturtium. This is a card of victory and success, showing you celebrating. People in your life are proud of you, and you take a moment to celebrate your great accomplishments. Coming after the Hanged Man, this will feel like a productive path forward. It is the success that you have been waiting for. 

The key to the week is the II of Air, which is represented by Chicory. Magically speaking, Chicory is known as an obstacle remover. Right now, the key is to be still and to wait. It isn't easy when you are nervous about everything working out. But being still right now is going to benefit you. Do some meditation- look inside instead of out. 

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, you are working on something that IS going to go well. But right now, it is not moving very quickly, and you are worried that you are stuck and unable to move forward. You are letting your anxiety get the best of you. Your path is leading to victory and success. You just don't want to wait to get there! Right now, you will do best if you are still and silent. Things are going to work out for you- the opportunity that you took is a good one. But you can't make it move faster than it will go right now. Use this time well by getting some rest and looking inside. There is a good opportunity to gain some wisdom right now, so don't be afraid to take a day off. Things are going better than you think and are leading to a good place- stop worrying so much! 

If you need a reading this week, send a message to I have openings on Wednesday after 2, Thursday afternoon, and Saturday- but the times will fill up fast! Reach out to set up a reading! 

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