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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 4.24.23:

This week's reading was done on the Botanica Oculta Tarot. This deck was gifted to me by a distant friend. I had ordered it and had never received it and was sad about it. My friend sent it all the way to Vermont from me, and changed my feelings about the deck. It is a beautiful herbal deck with a gentle 'personality.' I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for someone who will read this post. Read on- see if it's for you! 

The reading begins with The Empress. If this is your reading, you are the person that is always taking care of everyone else. You tend to be in a constant state of motion, helping people to accomplish their goals. You are the one that people go to when they need something, and you are very compassionate and generous. With everyone, but yourself. Your needs tend to fall to the side as you take care of everyone else, and it may be time to look at what you want to do too. 

The II of Pentacles comes up next showing you juggling a lot. You keep a lot of balls up in the air at the same time. You are really used to it, and know that if you Stop moving- everything will fall. You keep everything running smoothly, and even when it bothers you- no one will ever see that on your face. You make a very tough and demanding schedule seem easy. 

But the winds are blowing and tugging at you. There is something new for you to begin. The Fool has a new adventure to go on, and this would be something related to you and your path. You need to go your own way, but it does not look like your responsibilities are letting up. You need room to follow your own path and dreams. There needs to be some freedom in your schedule so that you can do this. 

The key to this reading is the VII of Wands. At this stage of your life, following your own goals and dreams may make you feel overwhelmed and like you have far too much to do. But it is the key to your situation; you can't let your own dreams fall to the side while you take care of everyone else. But you can't quite stop what you are doing, so it will take a fair amount of multitasking. The battle is worth it! 

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, you take care of everyone else. You may be a Mother, and this is just the stage of life you are in. Or you may just be that person that just takes care of everyone else. No one ever knows if it is taking a toll on you- you just juggle everything that is tossed at you, and you find a way to make it fit. With the exception of your own needs. Now, there is something that is getting your attention- there is a new path for you. Your initial thought will be- I don't have time. But if it was for someone else, you would make the time. You need to do this for yourself too. You may be overwhelmed or feel like you have too much to do. But if you take on the outlook of the Fool and hold everything lightly, you can get everything done while following your own path as well. It may seem crazy to do More right now- but you could really use something that is for you. 

If you need a reading this week, here are my current openings- 

Wednesday at 10am EST

Thursday between 5 and 7pm 

Friday 10am, 12pm, 2pm 

Saturday 10-12pm

If you would like to book one of these times, just send a message to me at Have a great week! 

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