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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 4/10/23:

This week's reading was done on The Pulp Tarot, which creator Todd Alcott describes as a 'Dynamic, two-fisted approach to the Tarot.'  It is not my traditional style when it comes to Tarot, but I have found that I really love it. It just shows how flexible Tarot is and I love the powerful impact of the cards. I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for someone who will see this post. Read on, and see if it's for you.; and please share so the person that this reading is meant for will find it. It is a reading that makes an important statement. 

The High Priestess comes up first, and if this is your reading- you Know something. Maybe you don't want to know and you are trying to ignore your thoughts. This is a card of intuition, and as this reading goes on- it becomes clear that there is something that is harming you. It's not that you don't know it already, it's just that you are questioning yourself and trying to ignore your own wisdom that is trying to help you escape a bad situation. Make sure you stay centered and calm. Don't let someone else drag your emotions around, stick with what you know and feel. You know something, and you are Right. 

The VII of Swords comes up next- the card of thievery. If this is your reading, you have someone in your life that is taking from you. This is a card of deceit, manipulation, and sneaking around behind someone's back. Luckily- you are the High Priestess, and you know what is happening. But this person is working hard to manipulate a situation or hide something from view. 

The Tower comes up next- the truth always comes out. Things are about to blow up and hit a place of 'rock bottom'. There is only so long that something can cause harm before the Tower falls. While it is uncomfortable to fall from the Tower- it is better than being In the Tower. Given the situation, the Tower is a good sign. The foundation to the Tower was unstable- it was always going to fall. 

The Ace of Wands is the key to the week. You have an opportunity to transform your life right now. Everything will change- and this is a good thing. You know what you need to do, and it's time to take the Wand that is being handed to you and change your life. This is a card of movement- taking action. Everything will fall apart- but the key is that things that seem bad can often transform your life for the better. 

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, you have been dealing with a person or a situation that has been draining you. Someone is being dishonest with you and trying to manipulate you. You Know this intuitively. You can feel it. And you have been sitting with that information, trying to decide how you feel about being treated this way. It is time to make a change. Don't put up with this anymore. If you stand up for yourself, everything will blow up. But is that a bad thing? You have been trapped in a negative situation with a person intent on harming you. Let it all blow up and go away. You have a life here, and it's time to take the Wand and change everything. You have had enough. That's good- take that fire and run with it. 

This is a tough one! If this is your reading, take care and listen to yourself! If you need a reading this week, send a message to

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Barbara Martell
Barbara Martell
10. Apr. 2023

This reading hits home! I still have some residual feelings left over with this one and I feel I had this reading quite a while ago! I have left the tower and am working on rebuilding!

Gefällt mir
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