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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 3.18.24:

This week's reading was done on the beautiful Wild Unknown Tarot created by Kim Kranz. It is an old favorite of mine. I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for someone who will see this post. This is a reading for someone who has dreams that they are worried will not materialize, but things may be going better than they think. Read on, see if it's for you! 

The reading begins with the VIII of Wands. If this is your reading, your luck is about to change. You have a lot that you want to accomplish, but you feel like you have reached out and not heard anything back. This is the card of responses that come through all at once. You will go from hearing nothing back from people you have reached out to- to being inundated with responses. There is something that you have been giving up on that is about to turn around for you. This is a card of reaching out and experiencing a time delay before you get a response back. Hang in there- it's coming. 

The Chariot appears next, showing you moving forward with swiftness to accomplish your goals. You know what you want to do, and the barriers that have been in your way begin to fade away. The path ahead is clear and unobstructed by the obstacles of the past. You are moving quickly towards being successful. Make sure that you have enough energy to get where you are going. Don't wear yourself out too quickly! 

The Mother/Queen of Cups appears next. With this card, your heart is really invested in what you are trying to make happen. It may have been hard to not get an immediate response because the work you are doing is of the heart. You are sensitive, and your heart is tied into your goals right now. You feel nervous about putting your ideas out into the world, and you have to be careful to not define yourself by how quickly you receive a response. 

The key to the week is The Magician. You are in a time of your life that you can accomplish goals. You are able to put your mind to challenging tasks and solve them. You can use your voice and willpower to manifest your goals and dreams. The key right now is realizing that the challenges have passed, and you are in a space that you can be heard and well received. Now, you just have to make a move. It's time to get your energy back! 

Here's what I see. This reading is for a person who leads their life by their heart. You put an idea out into the world and you feel like it wasn't very well received. You haven't heard back right away, and you are feeling nervous that people don't like your ideas/plans. This is not the case. You are experiencing a delay in communication, but that doesn't reflect on whether or not people like your ideas. It's hard when you are full of love for what you are doing and you are not getting the response you had hoped for. But the winds are changing, and you will start to get a positive response to what you are doing. Everything should go smoothly for the most part moving forward. It's possible that your confidence was hurt when you did not receive a fast response, and it's important to be The Magician right now- making things work in any way that you can. You have to remember your own power. 

Have a great week! If you need a reading this week, send a message to

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