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Iris X reading of the week/Week beginning on 3/14/22:

Good morning to the friends of Iris X readings! This week's reading was done on The Hush Tarot by Jeremy Hush. I really love this deck! The colors, birds, and dark themes- this one has my heart. It is well worth checking out!

The week begins with the III of Wands, and feels like a breath of fresh air. This is a card of release. If this is your reading, you are letting something go. You don't know what is going to happen from here, that still feels like it hasn't quite been determined yet. But you are releasing something and moving on, letting it be what it is. It looks like you have made a decision, and the effects of this decision are still to be seen.

The X of Swords appears next, showing you exhausted and at the end of a very long battle. This is a challenging card, but it shows light at the end of the tunnel. If you look at the card, the person still thinks that they are trapped, but really- it's only the flowers and old reeds that hold her in place now. It's over, and she is able to move on. It just may take a while to see this.

The V of Wands wraps up the week with a battle that you are trying to win. This is a card of pushing through something that is challenging you. It indicates that you are feeling conflicted, even like you are in a battle with yourself. But you are standing strong and getting through the situation you are in. This fight is worth it- you will get through this.

The key to the week is The Star. It is the Major arcana/ mystery of the week. This is a card of healing and about energy that was stuck that begins to move again. You are in the middle of it all right now, but you are going to make it through this. You may not be able to tell yet, but things have already started to move, grow, and change. You have been in a trapped situation for quite some time, and now you are in a place where you can stretch out and grow.

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, it is a hard week. You have let something go with love in your heart, and now you have to convince yourself that what you have been moving through is over. You are able to get up and move forward. You have been in a hard situation for so long that this may be hard to see and believe. You will still keep functioning like you are trapped for a while. While you are feeling like you can't move forward, you Are moving forward. You are standing up and battling, and will survive this situation and grow from it. The key is in understanding that there were things that were frozen that will now begin to thaw out. You may find that once you change one thing, everything else starts to change too. You are healing- and now you just have to believe that. Things are going to start changing every single day. Hang in there through this hard week.

Have a good week friends, and if you need a reading, send a message to

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