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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 3/11/24:

Hello and happy early Spring to the friends of Iris X Readings! This week, I decided to work with a brand new deck called The Raven's Dream Tarot by MJ Cullinane. This is a beautiful deck of Ravens that has rich and beautiful colors and many stories woven in. I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for someone who will see this post. Read on and see if it's for you! If it is, you may be feeling like you are moving slowly lately- but your energy is coming back around!

The V of Pentacles comes up first. Everything is feeling heavy and exhausting if this is your reading. You may feel like you have been stuck in a rut and are having a hard time getting out. This is a card of depression and burden. It is when you feel like doing even simple tasks is tiring. Things have been far too heavy for much too long. You are very tired- but you are still walking. You have not given up but you feel like things are hard, and you don't know when that will change.

The Star appears next with a glimmer of inspiration. You are going to get your energy and power back- even if you don't feel like it right now. You are in a time of healing after something that was really hard on you. You will start to have ideas again; you will be inspired and curious. The Star is a card of thawing out after a long time when you felt frozen in place. It's a slow process though- thawing ice is not instantaneous. Be patient- your creativity is returning.

The Hanged Man comes up next. You are at a crossroads, and are feeling like everything is upside down. Everything has come to a stop, and you don't know how to deal with that. You are feeling wrapped up and held in place. There is a lot of wisdom to be gained from times of inactivity, but it can be hard when you feel like you are just not moving. When the time is right, you will make a turn at the crossroads, and with the additional time up in the air- you are sure to make the right decision.

The key to the week is the Ace of Wands. Now that you will be thawing out, it's time to pay attention to your ideas. All of the Aces represent the best that the suit has to offer. This is the Ace of fire, creativity, and inspiration that seems to come out of nowhere. This is the energy and wisdom that you are not sure that you can find right now. It's right around the corner. Start paying close attention to the ideas that flash through your mind.

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, you went through a really hard time. You are just about at the end of it, but you are worried that you are not feeling the inspiration that you are used to. You have been feeling heavy and like the most simple things take too much energy. You are worried that you are stuck, and that this will not change. You haven't even had time to look up- you are just trudging along and making it through every day. But while you do this, you are thawing out. You are looking at things from a different perspective and gaining insight into your situation. You are healing and finding your own ideas and power again. There is a Lot going on beneath the surface! Be still and quiet if you need to. Get through this time. But, pay attention to the thoughts and ideas that cross your mind. You are going to find your inspiration again, and with that- you will be able to get out of the 'stuck' place that you have been in for far too long. Soon, you will have more ideas than you know what to do with. Hang in there as the Hanged Man- and gain the wisdom that you need to find your Ace.

Have a great week! If you need a reading this week, send a message to I have limited openings this week, but I do have some spots available!

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