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Iris X Reading of the week/Week beginning on 2.6.23:

This week's reading was done on the Marseilles Tarot- one of the oldest and most influential decks from the 15th century. It was before the Minor Arcana had pictorial illustrations, which challenges many modern card readers. This particular deck belonged to my Aunt Georgene, and she passed it down to me about 10 years ago. I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for someone who will read this post. Read on, and see if it is for you. 

The reading begins with Judgment. There is something that is becoming clear if this is for you. You are learning lessons from your past and applying them so that you can make sound and wise judgments now. You are making decisions based on wisdom and discernment, and you are growing and evolving. In Tarot, this is one card away from The World- a card of success and completion. You are making decisions that will lead to a lot of growth for you; but it's not easy. With Judgment, there is often a need to make some changes. 

The VII of Swords comes up next. Traditionally, this is a card of something that happens that is dishonest. With Judgment, you are seeing the truth of a situation or a person. This is not comfortable for you and you wish you could un-see what you have seen. The VII of Swords represents someone that is doing something behind your back, or is trying to manipulate you. See them clearly. Don't let someone treat you this way. 

The VI of Swords appears next, telling you to retreat. Get out of the situation that is causing you harm. This is the card of fleeing for safety, and getting yourself to a place of comfort. You may feel thrown off and like you are in the 'in-between' for a while. You may feel like your focus all goes to making sure that you get away. This is a card of moving onto safer shores. 

Junon/HIgh Priestess is the key this week. This is a card of intuition and listening to yourself. It is a card that is connected to Judgment by number. You know what to do. Your insight is sharp, but it does no good if you do not follow it. Take a deep breath. Stay calm and balanced. Be wise and discerning. Don't let anyone pull you to extremes right now. You know the truth- don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

Here's what I see. This is a clear reading for someone. You are involved with a person or a situation that is taking from you more than it is giving. The best course of action is to cut ties with this person. You know this, and have been trying to ignore that information. But you are aware. It's hard to not see something that you have seen clearly. It looks like it is time to make a definitive decision. Use your wise judgment and fly to safety. 

If you need a reading this week, send a message to Have a great week!

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Barbara Martell
Barbara Martell
Feb 06, 2023

Yup!! I'm listening~

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