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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 2/5/24:

This week's reading was done on The Botanica Oculta Tarot. Perhaps a wish of mine to speed up the process of getting from here til Spring! It's good to look at images of flowers. I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for a person that will see this post. This is a person that has left something harmful, and is hoping for a new beginning. Read on- see if it's for you or someone that you know. Thank you so much to the people that share these weekly readings. I appreciate you. 

The reading begins with the VI of Swords. If this is your reading, you have left something that has been causing you great difficulty. There was a situation or person that was draining your energy, and you could no longer stay. You left- and now you feel like you are still in the 'in between.' You are no longer in the harmful situation, but you don't exactly know where you are going. You are probably getting tired of feeling like you are afloat with no idea of what's next. So much energy went into leaving that you did not quite plan on where you would be going. 

The II of Pentacles appears next, and shows you as a person that is juggling a lot right now. You are not sure what you are doing- but your life is not such that you can cease motion. So, you keep a smile on your face and trick people into thinking that you are doing ok. You are healing and doing your best- but it would be better if you could stop having to function so much so that you can relax and come up with a plan. But you are the juggler- and so.. you juggle and don't ask anyone for help. 

The Fool shows new beginnings in your future. You may feel foolish and like you are taking a leap into something new- but it will go ok. You don't have a plan, but you don't need one when you are The Fool. You will find success quite haphazardly when you are not looking for it. People will wonder how you pulled it all off in the end. You won't know how you did it either. Things are moving in a really positive direction and it's ok if you don't know what you are doing. 

The key to this reading is The Empress. First- take care of yourself. Stop moving for five minutes to take inventory. It's like you are afraid to stop moving! Check in with yourself. Are you eating and sleeping enough? Are you getting fresh air? Are you hydrated? Mother yourself a bit here- you have been through a lot. Then, consider the future. What can you create from the position that you are in? What's next? The Empress suggests creating something from nothing or taking an idea that you've had and manifesting it. 

Here's what I see. All of your energy has gone into getting out of a difficult situation. Ever since then, you have not stopped. You have been managing so many things at once that you are losing track of taking care of yourself. You are worried because you don't have a plan anymore. You feel lost in between the situation you left and the place that you hope you will eventually arrive at. It worries you to not have a plan- but at the same time, you have the luck of the Fool. It's one of those times when you have to trust the path in front of you to manifest as you walk. And with the Fool, you Can do it. But first.. take a break for five minutes. The world will take care of itself in your absence. You need a minute to think. After you have taken care of your neglected self; you have something new to create. When you left, you were running away. In your future- you are running Towards something. You have a new beginning and something new to create or invent. This tells me that you are going to be feeling better and like you have an aim again. Take a break and then start walking. You will find what you are seeking as you go. 

Have a good week! Let me know if you need a reading this week! Send a message to

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