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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 2/12/24:

Every week, I shuffle the cards and ask for a reading for a person who will see this post. I never know who it will be for until I post it. This week's reading was done on a brand new Tarot Deck. The Raven's Dream by MJ Cullinane is a deck of vibrant colors and corvids. The images have deep meaning, and the more you look, the more you see. Today's reading is for someone that needs some space to cultivate their ideas, but always feels too busy! Read on- see if its for you or someone you know!

The reading begins with The Hermit. You are looking for time to quietly wander and gather your thoughts. Life has been happening so fast that you don't feel like you have any time to reflect on it. Some time to yourself could do you a world of good right now. There are mysteries to unravel and understand, and this requires silencing the chatter of the world.

The Knight of Swords appears next, showing you the opposite of The Hermit. You have been running too fast for too long. You are used to this kind of movement, but it takes away from your time to be at peace in the world! You feel like you are always pushing through resistance and challenge. You are moving swiftly and getting a lot done but what is the cost of this?

The Three of Wands appears next, telling you that you have something that has to be put out into the world. You have ideas that you have been cultivating but not acting on. The only way to see if they will work is to release them- and see what happens. Your ideas are inspired, and you are ready to fly.

The key to the week is the Ten of Wands. You have a lot in your mind that you have to pull together. You have wisps of ideas and plans to put into motion. You have high potential for success if you coordinate your efforts, act, and send your ideas out into the world. You may be meant to do many little things at once, as to not get tired of one thing. You are weaving a web that is helping you to manifest your goals and make it through the challenges you have faced.

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, you are busy and moving against the wind. It always feels like there is resistance and challenges blocking your path. You have some ideas that you want to put out into the world, but it's hard to break the pattern of being too busy. And your life truly does demand a lot. But if you can get some space and time to yourself to ponder up a plan, you have high potential for being successful. The key is that you have to put your ideas out into the world, and see what the reaction to them is. Things have felt scattered for a long time, and you have ideas that you can use to pull everything together. You have high potential for success. You just need a little bit of a break so that you can gather some inspiration.

If you need a reading this week, I have very limited openings- so please get in touch soon! Send a message to Have a great week!

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