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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 12/25/23:

Hello to the friends of Iris X Readings, Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice and Happy Winter! I hope that you are all enjoying the season. This is the last reading of 2023. This week, I am working with the Wildwood Tarot. an old favorite of mine that always seems to lead to contemplation. I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for someone who will see this post. Read on and see if it's for you! 

The week begins with The Shaman/The Magician. This is a card of willpower and action. If this is your reading, you are weaving your fate with your will and manifesting the things in your mind. It may not always feel straightforward- you use anything from logic to magic to trickery to shape your world. When the Shaman comes up, you are never being told to sit still to see what happens. This is a card of movement and focus. 

The Six of Arrows/Transition appears next. It seems that you have used your will to leave a situation that was causing you harm. The VI of Swords shows an escape to a place where you feel safe. Often, people who get this card have had to leave a person or a situation that was draining their life force. You probably don't quite know where you are going or what you are doing, but you are now in a position of power. You just feel kind of lost. 

The Green Man/Emperor appears next, showing you in a place of power. You are now responsible to build your own future. If someone else has been in control of your fate, that power just shifted into your hands. This is a card of planning for the future, and figuring out how to build the most stable structure possible. You feel like you want to know what to expect in your life; you want to be prepared. Now, it is up to you. 

The key to this reading is The Wheel. You may feel like you are out of control, but there's a larger plan to all of this. You are in the position that you are in because you are meant to be there. You probably feel uncomfortable, and like you are being spun by the Wheel- but there is a larger pattern that is forming here. You did the right thing and have a new life to weave. 

Here is what I see. If this is your reading, you had to use all of your power to get away from a person or a situation that was causing you harm. You have extricated yourself using all the willpower that you could muster. Now, you feel like you are in a strange in between where you don't quite know what to do yet. You are now in power in your life, and can do whatever you want to do. You find yourself just wanting stability- for the ground to feel stable under your feet. Though it won't quite feel like that for a long time, your key is Fate. You are participating in a larger pattern here. In some ways, you are in control. You left the situation you were in, and now can build a solid future for yourself. In other ways- Fate is in control. Which means that things are going exactly as planned; even if you feel like it's all out of control. Find something to hang onto, and get used to spinning for a bit. It's all going to be ok. 

If you need a reading this week, send a message to I also offer New Year's Readings at this time of the year- let me know if you are interested in predictions for every month of 2024! 

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