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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 11/27/23:

Greetings to the friends of Iris X Readings! Every week, I shuffle the cards and ask for a reading for someone who will read this post. I never know who it is for until it is posted. This reading is for someone that is going through a challenge that will likely go more smoothly than they think it will! This week's reading was done on The Wayfarer Tarot; a Tarot deck that I co created with Margaret Shipman. Raad on, see if this reading is for you. 

The reading begins with the Ace of Air/Swords. If this is your reading, you are in a challenging situation right now. But through this difficulty, there is an opportunity. The Ace of Air is about using your mind to take a challenging time and turn it into something good. Often, when people get this card, they feel like things are not going to go well. The Ace of Air shows that you are going to do just fine and that you will get through this much better than you think you will. 

The IX of Fire appears next, showing you in a battle. You feel defensive, and like you have to manage everything by yourself. You are hurt- but you are pushing through. Things feel really overwhelming right now, and you feel like you can't rest. You are just waiting for one more thing to come down on you, and you are ready to fight it off. This is an exhausting and difficult situation. 

The World comes up next, showing successful completion. Things may work out quicker than you think. This is a card of being in balance after a journey. You will have gained a lot of power through this situation, and will get to a place where you have reached your goal. You go through a test- and come out on top of the world. 

The key to this reading is the V of Fire. For me as a reader, there are two cards in the minor arcana that feel like cards of conflict. The V of Fire and V of Air. When the V of Air comes up, it is a situation that you can't be successful in. The only option is to get away. The V of Fire, on the other hand, represents a situation where you can push through a conflict and end up in a place of success. The V of Fire as the key in this reading is a reminder that you are going to get through a challenging situation quite successfully- even if you don't feel like that right now. 

Here's what I see. If this is your reading, you are being faced with a challenge. You don't know how everything is going to go, and you feel quite defensive and guarded right now. This reading is clearly saying that you will get through something that feels really scary to you right now. You will turn the challenge into a success and reach a place of peace and balance. The Ace of Air is never easy; but you are being given all that you need to work out a hard situation. You can do this. It's hard, but it's all going to work out fine. And faster than you think it will.  

If you need a reading this week, send a message to And if this is your reading- hang in there. You have more power than you think you do. 

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