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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 1/22/24:

Happy Monday! Every week, I shuffle the cards and ask for a reading for someone who needs it. This week's reading was done on the Pulp Tarot by Todd Alcott- a wonderful Tarot deck that I love more all the time! This is a tough reading- read on if you have been struggling or know someone that has been. 

The Tower is at the beginning of this reading. This is a card of things that fall apart. Sometimes it is a shock and other times it is a planned destruction. But, things are falling down and crumbling if this is your reading. You feel like you are in a free fall and you don't know where you will land or what to expect. It's a very hard place to be and you are doing your best to move forward in a productive way. 

The Ace of Swords comes up next. You will make it through this situation powerfully and with more wisdom. There is an opportunity here that you may not have seen yet. It is hard to see the Swords opportunity because it usually comes up when things are very hard. You are being handed a Sword out of the sky, and it's not because it's going to be an easy time. But you have the ability to get through this. You are stronger than you think you are. 

The III of Swords says that you may be strong, but you are feeling really heartbroken. You know that there may be wisdom to gain but right now all you feel is pain and sadness. You feel like your heart has been hit again and again- and you are really exhausted by it all. You are feeling everything very strongly right now, and it may be hard to move forward, even with a Sword. 

The key to the week is the Knight of Swords. When your life is falling apart, sometimes all you can do is to charge into the wind. You may feel like everything may be moving against you right now, but you are a force of nature in and of yourself. Move like the wind, move like a storm- your key is to rush right into this situation and come out of it with lessons. It is Not easy, but you have some great resources to help you through. 

Here's what I see. I won't try to tell you that this is easy, or that you should just get through the pain that you are in. That's not quite how it works. But you don't really have a choice right now but to sit in the sadness and challenge that you are in and find a way to work with it. It's inescapable. You can rail against the wind, or you can get bigger and more powerful and declare that you can get through this.  You are in a very hard place, and the cards are telling you that despite your heartache, you are stronger than you think. You Will find the other side of the upset that you are in, even if it takes some time. You will be happy and victorious again. But right now, you are in the center of the storm. That Ace of Swords gives you all that you need to make it through the situation that you are in. It may be a battle, but it is one that you can survive. It's going to be ok. 

If you need a reading this week, send a message to Have a good week, and if this is your reading.. hang in there. I'm sorry you are living through a storm. 

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