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Iris X Reading of the Week/Week beginning on 1/1/24:

Happy New Year to the friends of Iris X Readings! In honor of the New Year, I am working with a Tarot deck that is brand new to me! I just got the Darkwood Tarot a few days ago, and I am loving the imagery and colors. I shuffled the cards and asked for a reading for someone who will read this post. To be honest, it looks like it may be speaking to a lot of us on the New Year. Read on and see if this reading is for you! 

The week (and year!) begins with the Ace of Swords. A Sword comes out of the cloud and is handed to you. The question is- what do you do with it? In stories and in readings, when a Sword appears out of nowhere, it usually represents that a challenging time is coming up. There is a Crown on the Sword and the person who gets this card in a reading is moving in the direction of Victory. It may not be easy, but you will have help on your side. Move into the new year with clarity and sharp focus. 

The World appears next, and is a card of completion and new beginnings. A year is ending and another is beginning. The way that a year begins can influence the course that it takes, so make sure to have a day of rest and celebration. You are in an important moment, looking back on the past and moving forward into the future. You have made it another year, and if that alone is what you have accomplished- then you are successful. Now, take a break to celebrate. 

The II of Swords appears next, showing a need for rest and reflection. While the world wants you to be social, you may be feeling a need to stay quiet and reflective. With this card, you cross two swords over your heart and demand some space for yourself. You have a lot to think about and ponder, and you need some silence to do this. You are looking at what you have seen, and perhaps- what you have missed. 

Temperance is the key. In the charged up year ahead, this makes good sense to me. The key is to temper yourself. Don't go to extremes; stay centered and balanced. Figure out how to calm your emotions down and to not be tugged around by people and situations. With Temperance, you don't choose a polar black or white side. Instead, you mix the two together, finding truth in both. There is not likely to be one absolutely correct way. The answers will usually be right in the center. 

Here's what I see. This feels like a reading for the New year for many of us; I know I can relate! We are heading into a potentially challenging year. When you start the year with a Sword, it is likely to be an interesting year. You will have to be sharp, but you can make it through just fine. Just like you made it through the previous year with the World. You were probably apprehensive when 2023 started too. Now, you are in a moment where you have made it through the year in a tumultuous time period. This is a big accomplishment. Now, you could use a few days to unwind and recover. You have been moving so fast that you have not been taking the time that you need to reflect before moving forward. It is important to look at where you have been if you want to get where you are going. Stay in this center and don't let the world yank you out of it too fast. The key will be to be tempered. You don't have to go to extremes. Take a breath before reacting to what is happening around you. Don't allow yourself to be pulled into a place of polarities. Stay tempered, balanced, centered- and unable to be pushed to one extreme or the other. Hold everything lightly. Breathe more. Take walks and stay grounded. 

Have a very happy New Year! If you would like a reading to look at the year ahead, send me a message at

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