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Advice on Connecting with the Spirit of Tarot

Learning Tarot is not like learning other things. It is not an academic study, though it can be approached that way. It is a journey; an adventure. What an amazing thing to do to step into the shoes of The Fool to wander his path to see what he sees. If you do this, don't be surprised when it changes your life. After all; believe in it or not- Tarot is Magic. You are stepping into the world of Magic when you shuffle a Tarot deck.

There is a Spirit behind each card. A consciousness, an energy, a power and mystery. In Tarot readings, it is important of course that you know the meanings of the cards and how to read those meanings in a reading. But that's Not the most important thing to Tarot. Tarot cards are triggers. They are meant to push at your buttons and to shake up your soul. They should make you question yourself and the world around you.

Every day (whenever you have time), spend some time in silence with the card. Don't worry about what it means. Look at the card as a potential new friend of yours. An old Spirit resides in Tarot. And if you are quiet, the Spirit will speak to you. In my opinion, there is a Spirit behind every single card. Then, there are Countless Spirits to the deck as a whole. To my way of thinking, working with Tarot is a form of Mediumship. It is a cooperation that happens between the reader and the Spirits of Tarot.

Be respectful and kind; like you would be when you are making a new friend. Give each card time and attention. Take the card wherever you go; the cards LOVE to go on adventures. Ponder the meanings of the cards, look into the symbols, think of the things you have heard about the cards. But make sure that each card touches your Soul. There is a Spirit behind each card. Your task is to Find those Spirits. Find it in Music, life, experience, and meditation too. If you wish, you can create an altar to Tarot; a table with cards and candles, as well as various things to remind you how sacred the cards are. Sit there each day; make an offering of herbs and flowers, light a candle, and find the Spirit of each card. Tarot is not something to learn; it is a relationship to build. Give it the time that it deserves!

When you are learning Tarot, know that you are on a journey of Magic. One that so many Witches, Healers, Mystics, and Magicians have walked before you. Once you truly understand Tarot, you will never again be the same.

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